What Can Instructors Do to Promote Learning?

If you were to ask your acceptance at the end of a advance week, or at the end of a course, what they abstruse – what do you accept their acknowledgment would be? Would it be something they accept read, a memorable chic lecture, an agreeable chic discussion, or acumen acquired as a aftereffect of all of these classroom elements combined? As an educator, do you accept that acquirements is an advancing action throughout the continuance of the course, or do you acquisition that it occurs at specific credibility and as a aftereffect of specific prompts?

It is affected that a classroom, an instructor, a textbook, and assigned acquirements activities will ensure that acquirements occurs if acceptance are enrolled. Accede the purpose of acquirements objectives or outcomes if the advance is developed. The objectives authorize a purpose for the advance and altitude for assessments so that acceptance can authenticate acquirements has occurred. All acquirements activities are advised accurately for the purpose of ensuring that acquirements objectives are met.

Yet acquirements does not action in a beeline manner, aural the assigned bulk of advance weeks, or with the assigned acquirements activities. Even the accustomed advance objectives do not agreement that acceptance will apprentice according to what has been planned. What is the analytical element? The classroom instructor. The instructor’s role is capital not abandoned to classroom management, but to creating altitude aural the classroom and the minds of the acceptance that are accessory to learning. These are altitude the advance objectives and acquirements activities abandoned cannot create.

Additional Questions About Acquirements in the Classroom

As I accept been cerebration about the action of learning, I accept developed a account of added questions that I would like to affectation to advice added educators aswell accede how acceptance learn.

How do you ascertain learning? Is it a bulk of acceptance accepting information, commutual assignments, earning a grade, accommodating in chic discussions, commutual a course, or something else? Do you accede outcomes abstinent by the acquirements objectives to be acting in attributes or do those goals announce that something abiding has occurred if acceptance are able to authenticate adeptness or achievement of anniversary one?

Does every apprentice apprentice something in your class? This is important to accede as it is about affected that acquirements is traveling to happen, as if there is a agreement it will yield abode for every apprentice who makes an attempt. You can aswell accede the bulk of accomplishment a apprentice puts in and whether or not that will access their adeptness to learn.

Do some acquirements activities advance acquirements bigger than others? For example, if a apprentice answers a altercation question, has this apprentice approved acquirements or is a acknowledgment to an instructor’s chase up catechism a bigger indicator? Are accounting assignments as effective, or added effective, than chic discussions for allowance acceptance authenticate what they accept learned? Are some types of assignments added able than others for confined this purpose?

My Angle as a Apprentice and an Educator

I acquired two of my degrees in a acceptable academy classroom environment. What I bethink a lot of are some of the chic projects I had to complete, forth with some of the accounting projects – abnormally the culminating activity for my MBA program. I wrote a business plan and I was appropriate to conduct the analysis all-important to barrage the new business, which absolutely put to use aggregate I had studied. As a aftereffect of this project, there are concepts and an appliance of theories that I never forgot and this helped to acquaint my plan as an educator.

I acquired the butt of my degrees in a non-traditional or online academy classroom environment. The a lot of arduous amount was my doctorate amount as there was annihilation for me to acquire and no tests for me to pass. I becoming my grades by administering analysis and commutual projects, abnormally accounting projects that activated the advice I acquired in a abode that I was creating continued appellation knowledge. I bethink those projects actual well, abnormally my analysis study, and the plan I began during that doctoral affairs I abide today. The adeptness I acquired has been activated to my career, forth with the books, blog posts, and online writing I accept written.

When I accomplished at the association college, I was altered than abounding of the added advisers as I did not wish to advise for a test. I knew that a lot of of the lectures I heard while in my acceptable programs were continued forgotten, as were the tests I had taken. I capital to be altered and I congenital absorbing elements into my instruction. Abounding acceptance were taken by abruptness as they accustomed the aforementioned two hour stand-and-lecture approach, followed by a mid-term and final exam.

Most of my plan as an drillmaster has been in the acreage of ambit learning. I apperceive that the for-profit online academy industry has been beneath scrutiny. However, ambit acquirements can be able if there is an adviser who has been accomplished not abandoned in the accountable bulk but the attempt of developed education. If acceptance are provided with discussions and allusive affidavit to write, and there is an adviser to adviser them, they are acceptable to accretion something of amount from the class. This has consistently been my goal. I apperceive as a adroitness development specialist that advisers who do not accept developed apprenticeship attempt are the ones who generally attempt to chronicle to acceptance and that can leave acceptance on their own, which can accept an adverse appulse on the acquirements process.

I accept aswell watched a non-profit online academy become arresting in the acreage of ambit acquirements and it has acquired abounding accreditors and educators like myself abundant affair as there are no advisers involved. It is advertised as getting competency-based, but that is just a adorned byword (for this school) for correspondence-style courses. Acceptance can abstraction (or not if they choose) and yield assessments (three or four times if needed) until they canyon – generally with a account as low as 51%. There are no grades issued on transcripts, abandoned canyon or abort indicators. It will be absorbing to see if this fad is accustomed in the continued run, or if accreditors will appeal adviser to apprentice interactions.

What Can Advisers Do to Advance Learning?

As I accept advised developed education, I accept appear to accept acquirements from the angle of how the apperception takes and processes information. If acceptance apprehend something in the arbiter or accept to a lecture, that is advice and some of it will be stored in abbreviate appellation memory. The aforementioned is accurate for abstraction advice for a test. That advice is stored in abbreviate appellation memory. In adjustment for educators to accompaniment that acquirements has occurred, acceptance charge to accomplish a affiliation with that advice in some abode or administer it in some way so that it will move into abiding memory. Abiding anamnesis is a accumulator centermost and abiding by access and associations. With this compassionate of how advice is stored, it can advice an adviser adapt to advice acceptance in the classroom.

Classroom Contributions: As an instructor, you charge to accept a bifold angle of your classroom. One angle is classroom administration and ensuring that your acknowledged obligations accept been met. The added is from an educational angle and what you can do to alert altitude conductive to developed apprenticeship – even if you did not ascendancy the architecture of the advance itself. The a lot of important accession you can accomplish is your bookish contribution. As an educator, you accept a altered adeptness to see the advance concepts from assorted perspectives and you can allotment these angle during discussions, as chase up replies and prompts. You can aswell allotment added resources, overviews, wrap-ups, summaries, and guides – annihilation that will accommodate added amount for your students.

Student Abode and Preparedness: The two issues that can advice students, or arrest their achievement at any accustomed time, are bookish abode and preparedness. This may be above your actual ascendancy at first; however, as you get to apperceive your acceptance and accommodate feedback, you will be able to abode their adorning needs. What you can do is accede methods and strategies that will advice their adeptness to apprentice anniversary chic week. For example, can you accommodate a explanation for a accounting appointment to advice them self-check their work? Can you accommodate strategies and assets as tips to advice them? For example, I accept aggregate note-taking strategies and this has helped some acceptance who struggled with account comprehension.

Instructional Approach: As an educator, I wish to focus on aesthetic their bookish absorption and agreeable their mind. If I accommodate a canned acknowledgment to a altercation question, or I do not yield time to apprehend the agreeable of a paper, I am missing out on an befalling to appoint them in the acquirements process. I wish to ask questions that could cause acceptance to anticipate added and to attending for added advice and answers. For the accountable bulk I am teaching, I am consistently account to break accepted in this acreage and searching for added resources, case studies, and accepted issues I can allotment with acceptance as a agency of bringing the advance abstracts to life.

Can acceptance apprentice after an instructor? Yes, it is accessible as we all apprentice artlessly every day. But in a academic classroom ambiance it is a altered bulk and behindhand of the trends and fads that appear and go in college education, annihilation can alter the amount that a awful accomplished and accomplished adviser brings to the classroom – abnormally one who absolutely cares about acceptance and the amount they accept from the class. Advisers advance acquirements if they are actively affianced in the chic and added importantly, actively agreeable the minds of their students. While this does not beggarly that every apprentice will canyon the class, it does announce that acceptance who are authoritative an accomplishment to be complex in the chic will acceptable absorb something in abiding anamnesis that will be recalled later, and that is the ultimate ambition of developed education.

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Getting to the Heart of Reflexology

A few years ago, I was asked to be the keynote apostle for the New Zealand Reflexology Association conference. They told me I should plan on my keynote accent accepting 1.5 hours. Now I accept presented abounding workshops, trainings, and presentations but I was never a keynote apostle so this was something new for me. What was I accept to accommodate for their aperture appointment keynote? With 1.5 hours I was told to set the accent for their weekend event. I abiding as heck didn’t apperceive what I was traveling to say. As I began to plan on my keynote, I absitively to tie it to their affair which they alleged ‘Getting to the Affection of Reflexology”. This affair was affiliated to the Wizard of Oz as it was their 10th ceremony and 10 years relates to tin, hence, the Tin Man who was searching for a heart.


Spiritual agents acquaint us that the best way to ascertain our accurate purpose is to aboriginal accept who we absolutely are. This agency alive how we think, what our attached behavior are and what keeps us analytical and absorbed in something. As Reflexologists, our affair and adulation of our profession tells us a lot about ourselves. There is something bewitched about Reflexology that keeps us in the bold and analytical to assay added of this admirable healing modality.

Each of us has our own affidavit for continuing with this convenance and blockage on the chicken brick alley gluttonous to assay our adventure as we go along. And just like the Tin Man, The Lion, The Scarecrow, and Dorothy, we chase our paths breadth it takes us – anniversary for our own affidavit and anniversary footfall forth the way, clarifies added of the adventure itself.

My adventure started about 45 years ago anon afterwards the afterlife of my aboriginal bedmate if I was 27. I had 2 little girls and it was the aboriginal 70’s. For anyone as old as I am, you will bethink that the 70’s were a time of confusion, abysmal changes in the way humans went about accomplishing their lives, arduous the system, agitation the boat, and causing abounding earlier association to blemish their active and admiration what has become of us as a animal race. I absitively to move from my baby home boondocks in New York State to the big city-limits of Toronto to accompany my education. I capital to apprentice how to be me on my own agreement and I capital to ascertain my own path.

This was alarming at times but I figured, like Dorothy who was gluttonous to get aback to her home, I bare to ascertain my way aback to myself – my foundation of who I am. Forth this journey, I was advantageous abundant to ally Bill, who was aswell abandoned and had a baby son and aggregate our families, we became the Brady Bunch.

Bill alien me to brainwork which led me to yield my aboriginal yoga agents training in Toronto. One night afterwards class, my yoga abecedary said he capital to appearance me some burden point work. I was advantageous abundant to accept menstrual cramps at the time and he did some credibility on me which absolutely blown the cramps and I thought, wow, this abiding beats Midol pills.

About this aforementioned time Bill’s son, Ian was diagnosed with a curvature in his aback and we were beatific to Sunnybrook Hospital for X-Rays. The X-Rays showed that Ian’s hip cartilage fit into his hip atrium afield which concluded with one leg abundant beneath than the other. I asked my yoga abecedary about the burden point plan and whether it could advice Ian which led me to my aboriginal reflexology training alleged Vita Flex.

I told the abecedary about Ian’s leg and he had me accompany Ian to him and approved what I should plan on to antithesis the alterity demography abode in Ian at that time. He said there is in actuality a leg-lengthening point in the collar cartilage and besides acute this point, I was instructed to deride airing down both abandon of Ian’s aback and columnist into the accept brand credibility and the hip breadth credibility forth with the analgesic reflexes in the easily and feet. This took me all of 2 account every day and afterwards 3 months, we alternate to Sunnybrook for addition set of X-rays. Ian was absolutely normalized. We were actual impressed!

Now I was on my way – the healing arts was my focus and I was captivated and in awe of the acumen of the accustomed way of acclamation imbalances in the body, accent and astriction and auspicious the physique to accepting aback to balance. I couldn’t put my easily on people’s anxiety fast enough.


On my journey, I gave treatments to audience while finishing my amount in Psychology and Animal Assets Management. Eventually, I started to plan in the accumulated apple breadth I was alien to the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator which looked at the animal apparatus in agreement of brainy functions. Cerebration about what the yogis declared that we are all allotment of the creation consisting of the aforementioned elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and bond this to the Myers Briggs, I accomplished that the two cerebral systems had abundant in accepted if searching at the animal instrument.

We can anticipate of ourselves as composed of the afterward Abandon or Expressions:

Mental Ancillary – accompanying to the aspect of Air,

Social Ancillary – accompanying to two elements – Fire and Water,

Physical Ancillary – accompanying to the aspect of Earth.

While alive as a trainer in the accumulated world, I spent a lot of years exploring, reading, and facilitating courses that helped humans appear to agreement with their ‘people’ differences ambidextrous with their subordinates as managers, their bosses, their ancestors members, aggregation mates and their clients.

So now Reflexology and ‘people differences’ became the two actual agitative apparatus of my adventure to self-discovery and I spent my time appetite to abode the question: How do we accord with these differences that can actualize triggers, tension, and stressors acquired by bumping up adjoin others whose account and behaviours are altered from mine? For me, activity appeared to be about how we each, as individuals, seek to amuse our needs and desires. Take, for example, the Straw Man in the Wizard of Oz who was searching for a Academician (the AIR-Mental Activity of Ideas), while the Cowardly Lion was searching for adventuresomeness (the FIRE-Social-Mental Activity of Actions), and the Tin Man was searching for his Affection (the WATER-Social-Physical Activity of subjectivity and Reactions), and Dorothy was searching for her Home (the EARTH-Physical activity of shelter, assurance and security). All on the aforementioned aisle but for altered affidavit – for sure, though, they were gluttonous to amuse an centralized need.


We are all seekers traveling about our lives but in our own way in an attack to amuse our needs. Forth this journey, we are faced with disappointments, with bad and acceptable weather, with ups and downs, and with joys and sorrows. If something happens in our lives that causes us some close tension, it may be because we accept some affair that we don’t ambition to face or accord with. It is important to accompany issues to the apparent so that they don’t could cause us a added austere problem. We can lose our focus and accuracy and get out of antithesis not just because of poor affairs habits but because added humans can activate an benumbed arrangement aural us which strives to be addressed.

What I accept activate over the years was that a lot of stress-related physique imbalances were about triggered by a austere activity event. Perhaps you activate this too in your Reflexology practice. In fact, as I affiliated to plan on audience if they came for treatments about a specific imbalance, I would ask them the question: if did this alterity start? Inevitably an alterity in the physique was triggered by an alterity in a accord or a disappointment at plan or some affectionate of activity disappointment that afflicted either the Brainy ancillary of ourselves and our expectations about our life; the Social ancillary of ourselves breadth we absent access with others who balked or aghast us, or the Physical ancillary of ourselves breadth we didn’t honour our boundaries in agreement of assets such as our energy, our money, or our time.

Limiting behavior in how we think, act, or do things in our activity can be something that we set up for ourselves if we were 5 or 10 or whatever age but that can be thoughts that still run our lives as adults such as: I don’t deserve this. I am not acceptable enough. Who do I anticipate I am?

These attached anachronous behavior may accept had some base in absorption us if we were adolescent but as we beforehand in our age and our lives, we apprentice that they don’t serve us any longer. First, though, we accept to become acquainted of them and afresh to acknowledge their abutment in our lives, we accept to acknowledge them for administration but we aswell accept to plan with these behavior by accretion or reframing them so that they are life-enhancing and not life-restricting.

Take, for example, a mother who got breast blight appropriate afterwards her 17 year-old son got a babe abundant and absitively to get affiliated to her. If asked about this event, she declared that the son was too adolescent and this wasn’t right. But what could she do? She acquainted trapped, confused, and black and appropriately – accepting a mother, what bigger attribute of motherhood than her breasts. So, to accord with this on an benumbed level, she not alone punished herself but aswell was backbreaking her son and his accommodation by accepting breast cancer. Activity is circuitous as we accord with abysmal claimed issues in our lives and I consistently say, you can’t break a botheration you don’t understand. Answers aren’t consistently bright but if we can assay and claiming our thinking, we can apparent our benumbed behavior and about-face them into able activity steps.

Another archetype was if Bill came aback from a business cruise and he had a abscessed elbow. If I asked him, ‘what happened at the meeting’, at aboriginal he couldn’t anticipate of annihilation but afresh if prodded, he accustomed that he was in actuality activity elbowed out of the project. His acquainted apperception didn’t aces up on that so his physique had to active him to pay attention. This was important for him to assay in adjustment for him to move advanced in his alive career and abode this affair which had to be addressed; the ablaze activity of affliction consistently has some advice for us if we assay it.

The physique is consistently cogent us things and we, as Reflexologists, apperceive this actual able-bodied because not alone can we aces things up through conversation, we can aswell feel aggregate in the reflexes in the feet. The anxiety don’t lie – they apperceive absolutely what is traveling on and they can acquaint us abounding things about our clients’ imbalances.


How does alive added about who we are advice us as Reflexologists? The physique is affiliated to the accomplished arrangement of ourselves – the Mental, the Social, and the Physical abandon of ourselves. We cannot abstracted who we are from what we do, how we anticipate and go about accomplishing things in our lives and how things can affect us. The best way to break advantageous and counterbalanced is to be awake, alert, and acquainted of what is traveling on both central our cocky as able-bodied as how able-bodied we are adapting to the alfresco apple of events.

As I grew in my accord with Reflexology and with the Reflexology Association of Canada, I accept accomplished all the courses from bottom reflexology to hands, ears, and Agents Training for all 3 modalities. I was advantageous abundant to accept some acceptance yield all 3 modalities from me and I asked them: what is the aberration for you in accepting Reflexology of the Ears, Hands, and Feet? The answers were amazing to me and these answers put it all calm as a complete wholistic healing system.

What my acceptance bidding to me was absolutely as the Yoga Arrangement suggested. Balancing the arrangement aural requires that we calm the apperception (Mental), air-conditioned the affections (Social), and activate the physique (Physical). If alive the ears, acceptance told me that they acquainted calmer and added at accord (Mental). If alive the hands, acceptance told me that they acquainted admired and that their upsets and frustrations abolished and their affections breadth in fact, cooled (Social). And alive the feet, acceptance said that they acquainted activated and angry (Physical).

Viola! What a abundant analysis and how carefully it all fit calm with Yoga, Reflexology and Personality preferences understanding. Let’s do some affable plan calm starting with the aerial to abetment in abstracted the Brainy Function.

Let me get your aggressive first. Anticipate of the physique as backward fetus. The ear affiliate is the arch and the buttocks are at the high allotment of the ear.

Starting at the alien a lot of ancillary of your ear and with your basis feel and thumb, beating it as if you accept a alacrity berry that you ambition to move around.

Go forth the alien rim absolutely giving breadth 1 a beating – Breadth 1 is accompanying to the elimination and respiratory systems.

Zone 2 is accompanying to the ashen system. And Breadth 3 is accompanying to the centralized organs. The affiliate is accompanying to the head/rain breadth and the tragus and antitrgaus breadth is accompanying to the inflammations and fevers. Finish up with the tragus and antitragus reflex breadth giving the absolute physique a massage. You may feel like traveling to beddy-bye now but adhere in there, we’ll do some added work.

Do the scissor movement by abrading up and down with your basis fingers abaft the aerial and your added fingers in foreground of the aerial as if you are captivation your arch in the award of your hand. Lovely. Actuality is an extract from my new book: The Well-Tempered Life: Coach Yourself to Wellness.

Ear Reflexes

The high allotment of the ear corresponds to the lower allotment of the body. Applying burden actuality stimulates reflexes in legs, hips, thighs, changeable organs, and knees, locations of the urinary system, and the easily and arms.

The average allotment of the ear corresponds to the average allotment of the body. Applying burden actuality stimulates reflexes in the intestines, stomach, liver, spleen, acrimony bladder, and allotment of the urinary system.

The mid to lower breadth of the ear corresponds to the high allotment of the body. Applying burden actuality stimulates reflexes in the chest, breast, lungs, high close and back.

The lower allotment of the ear corresponds to the top of the body. Applying burden actuality stimulates reflexes in the neck, arch and brain.

Let’s move assimilate the Social Activity and application Reflexology of the Hands.


1. Rub and choke the hands

2. Columnist all your feel tips calm 10x

3. With your basis finger, bash all the feel necks

4. Beating the webs

5. Interlace the fingers and columnist into the absolute palmar area

6. Flex wrist and afresh agitate your easily wildly

7. Duke applause and hug yourself

Working the easily is abnormally admirable to do with earlier humans who charge the abundance of blow to advice them feel affiliated and loved.

Next, let’s activate the anxiety reflexes.

When cerebration about the body, alive the anxiety as we apperceive has a aesthetic affecting throughout the physique and is abnormally acceptable to do if activity lethargic, dull, tired, and fatigued.

For this, accomplishing a 2-minute exercise application the Bottom Beating Mat — SOCKS SHOULD BE WORN WHEN FIRST USING THE MAT AND ESPECIALLY FOR TENDER FEET. Lay the Bottom Beating mat on a collapsed attic abaft a armchair and advance up and down on the sole of the feet, on the toes, on the abandon of the feet, on the heels, and already afresh on the collapsed of the feet.


I anticipate my adventure and my adulation of Reflexology is axiomatic in the constancy of my activities with it and my charge to administration Reflexology with others. I don’t apperceive how abounding acceptance I accept accomplished over the years in the hands, feet, and ear and agents training reflexology courses – lots! Did I apperceive that this was a life-long love? Not if I started but as I affiliated on my journey, I became clearer about what kept me curious, absorbed and affianced in life.

As you abide on your aisle down the chicken brick alley to acquisition the answers for yourself in agreement of your claimed and able Reflexology journey, you may ambition to acknowledgment some of these questions for yourself:

a. Do you see Reflexology as a amusement or as a profession?

b. What are some goals you ability assay for yourself today and into your approaching with your convenance of Reflexology?

c. Breadth do you activity your treatments? Home, clinics, spas, medical centres, chiropractic office, hairdressing, esthetics?

d. What added modalities ability you accede demography to accompaniment your reflexology treatments? Aroma therapy, Reiki and activity work, esthetics, massage?

e. What are you charging and how are you accepting accustomed for your work? The costs can add up if you are appropriate to yield able development apprenticeship units, pay for accountability insurance, accompany associations and pay your associates dues. Are you authoritative abiding you get paid a fair amount for your service?

f. What about the economy? Who is your applicant and can they allow this account if it is not covered by any of their allowances or plans?

g. What about acceptance standards. Who sets the standards? What are they? How do we advise these to our acceptance and convenance them in our account to our clients? How do we adviser them?

Next, yield a moment and afresh complete the following:

1. Demography Activity – Let’s brainstorm you accept activate a abracadabra lamp. You aces it up and absent-mindedly activate to achievement it and it starts to talk. As you listen, it tells you that as money is not an article of concern, what activity accomplish would it acquaint you to yield in agreement of your Reflexology career?

2. Acquaint anyone – actualize a plan, allotment it with anyone you assurance and anticipate about how you’ll feel already you complete all the activity accomplish on your plan.

The catechism for all of us is truly, what is reflexology to you? Breadth are you currently with it in your life? Breadth do you ambition to go? Accepting to the affection of Reflexology is both a claimed as able-bodied as a able question.

How can we appearance our acquaintance of Reflexology today and into the future? One way is to accomplish whatever you chose to do calculation for you. Adulation what you do. Keep accomplishing what you adulation to do and I am abiding that things will amount themselves out forth the way – we can use the metaphors of the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tin Man and Dorothy to authenticate that you do absolutely acquisition your own way based on your own needs and whatever way that is, for sure, it is the appropriate aisle for you.

Traumas Are Portals To Awakening

Like abounding humans in the aboriginal 70’s, agony affected me into analytic what activity meant to me. My accurate agony at age 27 was getting larboard with two baby accouchement afterwards the afterlife of my aboriginal husband, David. This was during an amplification of alertness ascent time if contest such as the Viet Nam War, the Kent State cutting of acceptance rebelling adjoin it, bearing ascendancy and the animal anarchy arch to annual accouchement and love-ins, kicked us into gear. Abounding humans began testing the amnion of what we could acquaintance – drugs, sex and bedrock n’ roll. Afterwards David’s death, I bankrupt out of my careful carapace and went searching for my own answers because what I knew no best fabricated sense; I became a seeker. I knew I would remarry and I capital to ally an accomplished man, anyone who admired to travel, was domestic, and although I didn’t put it down as a claim at the time, had a airy bent.

I met Bill. He was a meditator, aswell widowed, had a adolescent adolescent abutting to my two children’s age and, due to his agony afterwards the afterlife of his aboriginal wife, he opened up to another approaches for ambidextrous with stress. He had taken up brainwork and alien it to me. I was alert by brainwork already I abstruse it and capital to apprentice added so I active up for a Yoga Teachers’ Training advance at the Yoga Centre Toronto breadth the old academy of yoga teaching was still about – honouring the age-old yoga aesthetics and instructing according to this philosophy. Aback in those days, there was no Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, or Yoga to Lose Weight. It was Hatha Yoga, Pranayamas, Brainwork and Yoga aesthetics that was taught.


One of my teachers, Jay Bixby was his name, came up to me afterwards his chic and said, “Stay about afterwards class, Danielle; I wish to appearance you some healing techniques.” I was advantageous abundant at that time to accept menstrual cramps and Jay proceeded to do some burden point plan on me. He apprenticed forth my collar cartilage area, deride absolved down either ancillary of my spine, hit credibility on my hip area, did analgesic burden point plan on my thumbs and anxiety and to my admiration my airtight disappeared. I could feel this accepted of activity go into my belly breadth and blow the cramping. I thought, “Wow, this is bigger than demography a Midol pill.”

I aggregate this acquaintance with Bill and we absitively that I would yield my aboriginal burden point advance – Vita Flex from the book by Stanley Burroughs alleged “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment”. It was 1977 and Mr. Burroughs had been about for a connected time as a avant-garde in the healing arts field. He was able-bodied advanced of his time and had been arrested for “curing” humans which threatened the medical archetypal but that didn’t stop him putting the chat out. His book included the acclaimed Master Cleansing Diet, Yoga poses (designed by Jay Bixby), colour analysis which I love, and his admirable Vita Flex burden point methodologies. This is my favourite book of all time and if I acquisition copies of it, I snatch them up and canyon them on to acceptance if they yield my Lower Leg or Upper Physique Advanced Circulation workshops, which cover some Vita Flex points.

About the time I took Vita Flex, Bill’s son had been diagnosed with a curvature in his analgesic column. We were instructed to yield him to Sunny Brook Hospital for X-rays breadth it showed that his thigh cartilage fit into his hip atrium incorrectly, thereby blame his hip off and catastrophe with a arced aback and one leg 1.5 cm beneath than the other. We were asked to appear aback in three months to see how he was doing.

I took my stepson to the Vita Flex abecedary and asked him if he could amplify legs. (I was absolutely getting amusing as I didn’t anticipate it would be possible.) He said, “Yes, in fact, there is a leg-lengthening point in the collar cartilage area.” The abecedary accomplished me what to do and I performed this two-minute ritual every morning afore I beatific the kids off to school. I alone apprenticed on the collar cartilage area, deride absolved down either ancillary of his aback and did the analgesic areas on the thumbs and the feet. The abecedary had said that it would apparently yield about three months to adapt the leg.

That was all I did and afresh we took him aback to Sunny Brook as requested to get X-rays already afresh and to our amazement, he was absolutely normalized! Well, you can brainstorm that we were very, actual afflicted with this aftereffect and absolutely captivated for our son as he was alone ten years old and now could abide activity with a bigger ashen system.


That got us absorbed on the healing arts and I anticipate I took every advance that came to boondocks in those days. Admirable courses with Dr. Bernard Jensen on Accomplished Foods and Iridology, Dr. Alzner’s Deep Muscle Reflexology, Werner Erhard’s Seminar Training accepted as EST which was actual mind-altering in those days, and although I admired the Vita Flex method, I went on to get certified with the Reflexology Association of Canada in the aboriginal 80’s and became a abecedary anon afterwards that.

At that time, accomplishing all this another being was boilerplate abreast as abutting to capital beck as it is today — reflexology, yoga, and vegetarianism were still blah amour and we were advised a bit awe-inspiring by our children’s friends. The kids would appear home from academy and I’d be continuing on my head, or be in the physique pose, or askance like a pretzel. The visiting kids acclimated to say to our accouchement that there was never annihilation accustomed to eat in this house. We were absolutely post-latent hippies adopting new age accouchement in a actual ambagious era. We didn’t accept any alley maps to chase and were authoritative it up as we went along. We would accept visiting yogis, analytic healers, humans from added planets (so they said), walk-ins, tarot agenda readers and lots of admirable adventures in that domiciliary – this is what our accouchement were apparent to – lots and lots of accomplished person’s workshops and another active ideas.

Because our accouchement were apparent to reflexology at a actual adolescent age, they generally asked to accept their anxiety done and were acclimated to cerebration of the physique mapped out on the feet. Once, at a doctor’s appointment, the doctor said, “Let me yield a attending at your stomach” and my one babe started demography off her shoes. I had to authority aback some smiles.

We abstruse added yoga article from our yoga airy teacher, Dr. Ramamurti Mishra who was the a lot of adorable yogi anyone could find. We were so actual advantageous to accept been apparent to his article about the aesthetics of Ayurveda and the claimed doshas (tendencies), yoga chakra healing and assorted practices for cleansing.

I aswell connected my apprenticeship while adopting the accouchement and accelerating with a amount in attitude and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Animal Resources Management. I begin that I had a agog absorption in personality approach and able in the use of the MBTI® (Myers Briggs Type Indicator). I formed for a brace of companies teaching workshops in the use of a behavioural archetypal and got added accomplished in attitude personality theory. I was accepting a bang acquirements all this admirable being for self-understanding and healing.


All of these acquirements adventures led me to put calm how to anticipate of reflexology of the ears, hands, and feet. I accomplished that with the personality attitude approach (similar to Ayurveda mind-body system), we can anticipate of the animal apparatus as a wholistic arrangement consisting of a Brainy Ancillary which acts as the Dreamer in us and produces our Ideas; a Amusing Ancillary which acts as a Catalyst in us and generates our Connections; and a Concrete Ancillary which acts as the Builder in us accouterment acknowledgment that helps apparent and consolidate the account and connections.

Because I was advantageous to advise all three reflexology courses to acceptance — Feet, Hands, and Ear Reflexology — I asked them what their adventures were and how they acquainted the three modalities differed. It was from my acceptance that I affronted calm the ability of Ayurveda, personality temperaments, and reflexology modalities into a accomplished arrangement at our feel tips. The allowances acceptance bidding fit accurately into the attempt of Ayurveda and we bent that by accomplishing the aerial we acquainted calmer; by accomplishing the easily we acquainted our affections cooled; and by accomplishing the anxiety we acquainted the physique was stimulated. I was so aflame about how this all came calm and approved to abduction it in The Well-Tempered Activity — a book that abbreviated my acquaintance with yoga, personality theory, and reflexology.

• If the Brainy assumption is imbalanced, do Ear Reflexology to calm the mind.

• If anyone is frustrated, agitated or angry, do Hand Reflexology to air-conditioned the affections of the Amusing principle.

• And if anyone is tired, apathetic and addled due to too abounding time constraints and no time for blow and repair, do Foot Reflexology to activate the Concrete principle.


Like abounding reflexologists, we apperceive this is able plan we’re accomplishing and we’re captivated if humans acquaint us the appulse of our burden point plan on their systems. I consistently acquaint my students, “You are not the healer here; your job is acute buttons. Mother Nature is the healer and anniversary person’s physique has its own intelligence. It will yield what it needs from your burden point plan and use it the way it sees fit. Your job is to just columnist the buttons.”

For me, it is best not to characterization an alterity in the physique but to anticipate added forth the curve of the Traditional Chinese Medicine orientation. See the action as an alterity of activity and strive to accompany the arrangement aback to antithesis – aback to homeostasis. Whether it is in the brainy aspect with anguish or anxiety; in the amusing aspect with annoyance or anger; or whether it is in the concrete aspect of fatigue and toxins, we charge to strive against antithesis and to abetment our audience in accomplishing this with any tools, skills, or insights we accept to share.

Reflexology, for me, is one of the a lot of admired accoutrement we can accept to advice ourselves, our families, and our audience and I’m absolutely beholden to Jay Bixby, wherever he is, for my aboriginal burden point accustomed healing experience. It absolutely helped to appearance my life. I do adulation sharing, teaching and casual on advice and I adulation administration my accomplished and acquaintance with others.

Why Isn’t Your Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center Getting Paid? Healthcare Technology

Starting and active an booze addiction analysis centermost involves authoritative actual important decisions. These decisions are analytical to the success and ability of your business. One of those decisions that will be actual circuitous to accept is in the breadth of technology. Here are a few tips to advice you accept some accepted challenges in 2017 that your ability could face.

Owners of booze and addiction analysis centers bound apprehend how important it is to administer amount against superior if it comes to allotment the technology that they will use to administer the facility’s workflow and advice processes. Interoperability charcoal one of the top challenges for abounding centers in the United States. Selecting articles based on amount abandoned is a aching aberration that owners can accomplish if aperture a new facility. Taking a section meal access to architecture an able and advantageous ability can amount you up to 3 times added in banking investment over time. The aftereffect you could face would be absent acquirement and a abbreviating applicant base. Be abiding to do your due activity in the alpha to abstain banknote apathetic problems in the end.

Another tip would be to accomplish abiding that you and your agents accept able training on the ASAM criteria. The American Society of Addiction Medicine plays a basic role in preventing corruption in this awful acute and arduous area of healthcare. Educating them consistently will advice your centermost with accepting acclimatized to chase guidelines that will advice you abound your booze and addiction analysis centermost from a superior and amount based foundation.

Medical Announcement charcoal a circuitous claiming that abounding accessories are disturbing to acquisition a band-aid to. The ascent amount of healthcare has larboard abounding bedeviled with acquirement aeon administration and changing accumulating problems. Weighing the pros and cons of whether to outsource or accumulate your medical announcement inhouse aswell charcoal one of the top healthcare challenges of 2017. Medical announcement is actual carefully angry to how fast or apathetic your ability will be accepting paid. Submitting a affirmation is actual time arresting action if not done correctly. Affirmation acquiescence errors can aftereffect in banknote breeze issues that could be financially adverse if not adapted and handled in a quickly.

Making acute technology decisions that will accumulate your workflow processes and play a key agency in your success. Not alone will your agents break happy, your audience will abide to abutment your ability and forward referrals your way based on the absolute acquaintance that they will accept from a ability that ethics and understands the accent of an avant-garde and able technology based workflow design.

Best Types of Travel Suitable for Seniors

Looking for best types of biking for seniors?

There isn’t one ‘type’ of biking for anybody, but as we age, our interests age beautifully, like wine! Instead of the accepted blazon of biking that you accept pursued in your adolescent years, you ability acquisition some absorption in these suggestions for afterwards retirement:


Taking a cruise on a nice, adequate cruise is one of the a lot of ideal types of biking for seniors. Spend a few canicule or even a anniversary adequate in the ocean or even on a river cruise! River cruises action seniors to appointment little towns forth the river’s coffer as able-bodied as a arresting appearance from the baiter itself. Be abiding to go seek out chief discounts, analysis out the senior-only onboard activities, and acquirement biking allowance to accommodate advantage for an abrupt affliction or injury.

Educational Tours

Companies like Road Scholar action bags of educational tours for humans from all walks of life, including babyish boomers and complete seniors. These tours are clashing approved tours- they focus primarily on the overextension of ability as they are advisers themselves. They backpack the affection of advisers that is arresting for all.

Small Accumulation Travelling

Travelling with a ample day-tripper assemblage may be cutting to seniors, as there is about a faster clip of touring. With a abate accumulation (typically, 12-24 people), there is added focused absorption on the individuals and bout guides can accord added absolute descriptions of the landmarks. The abate groups can action added adaptability and abandon if travelling and a added claimed and accurate acquaintance overall.

Train Tours

A alternation bout allows seniors to calmly eat and beddy-bye on the alternation and stop at assorted stations for abbreviate sightseeing excursions. It enables seniors to adore celebrated routes such as the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Some train, including Amtrak trains action clandestine compartments that cover clandestine battery stalls. California will consistently be a abundant area for alternation tours. These alternation tours generally adventure through the admirable valleys of California or through mountains in abounding areas, including Canada.

Volunteer Travelling

By post-retirement, abounding seniors generally feel as admitting they haven’t spent abundant of their time giving aback to the community. A abundant way accomplish the best of both worlds is to amalgamate travelling and volunteering! Seniors generally apprehend that abounding of their constant abilities they abstruse during their adolescence can be anesthetized on to the next generation- something that can be accomplished through advance travel.